Working it out

December 19th, 2011 by beth16

Written by Fermin Washington

I recently started my own company and what should be a good time for us has turned into a really stressful one. My wife is amazing but there are so many times when I wish she would just chill out instead of getting on my case. I spend a lot of time now thinking and talking about the business and doing things like looking into Business Electric Rates but that’s just because I have to – this is our life for the next few years. I think she’s just feeling a bit neglected but I can’t feel bad every time I have to work late and she needs to just chill out when it comes to how much grief she gives me. She’s most upset that I have to work weekends a lot now but I keep trying to tell her this is all part of being a successful small business owner. I know there are no excuses for a lot of things but she needs to deal better with this.

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