White House engagement – Jenna Bush?

August 16th, 2007 by admin

Jenna Bush to wedIt was announced today that Jenna Bush (on right) , 25, is now engaged to marry Henry Hager, 29, her boyfriend of several years. 

Do you ever wander if Henry has been tricked by the twin sisters on past dates? I’ve heard of quite a few first hand stories of twins pulling pranks on their dates for entertainment.  I’m sure the “Bush” sisters are no different.  If pulling off the switch with Henry all Barbara Bush would have to say is, “I did my hair different” and the typical guy would say….. “Oh, that’s what seems different about you today.”

 I’m sure we will read a tell all book once the girls hit their 40′s and we will know the truth about the antics the twins pulled on their teachers and boyfriends.

I would love to hear what was said when Henry asked Mr Bush for his daughter’s hand in marriage.  It might of gone something like this:

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Henry: I have a question to ask you sir.

President: Go ahead and ask.

Henry: Now that I’ve raised 5 million dollars for the next Republican candidate can I have your daighter’s hand in marriage?

President:Which one?


President:The one you’ve been dating for all these years……. I think she’s at least worth 8 million in campaign contributions.

Henry: Actually, Mr. President I’ve raised 10 million but only 5 million that can be tracked by the campaign finance committie.

President:  I’ve always liked you Henry, sure you can have her hand in marriage.

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