Tenor Luciano Pavarotti dies – Nicoletta Mantovani only married for money

October 12th, 2007 by admin

Tenor Luciano Pavarotti diesThe women in the life of Italian tenor Luciano Pavarotti will be in for a battle over his 250 million fortune, including any rings I am sure. While the opera superstar’s three adult daughters, who have sided with their mother – Pavarotti’s first wife Adua Veroni following their divorce in 2000, but recently had a rapprochement with their father, have lined up on one side, his second wife Nicoletta Mantovani’s on the other. The man’s dead and has left some goodies behind and now there’s going to a fight for that fortune with the ladies slugging it out to claim the money, that’s the story with all these people.  It seems that what is most important to people when a loved one passes away is their instant lotto ticket. 

At least Paris Hilton has found a way to make $ outside of her daddy or relatives.  I respect that….a little.

I hope Pavarotti didn’t spend to much on Nicoletta’s ring.  She would have married him without and present as long as their wa no prenuptial agreement before the marriage. People like this really irritate me.  Marry some old hopeless guy becuase your young and can bypass his brain.  Just not fair. At least Britney Spears married Kevin because she thought it was going to work out.  Kevin didn’t know she was crazy.

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  1. Jen Says:

    I don’t like her. I agree with this post.

  2. sara Says:

    its every man/woman for themself there days, if you get a shot at a good life why not take it, and whos to say there wasnt love between them because she was much younger, i could fall in his voice and those emotions he expresses, people get married for all kinds of different reasons anyway,,its between them, though i prefer love to be involved in some way 2 ;)