Solid investments are not found in engagement rings

August 3rd, 2007 by beth16

If you are buying an engagement ring as an investment for the ring’s value you are more stupid than the caveman on the Geico commercials. De Beers and other retailers like to push that diamonds are forever but realisticly their value is not eternal.

Remember diamond engagement rings are more of an investment in emotional value.   If you purchase the right cut, clarity, carat weight and color, a diamond can hold it’s value and possibly appreciate a little. Precious metals like gold and silver can appreciate more. Example: If you had bought a flawless one carat diamond back in 1977, when I was born, the value would be about $75,000.  Today that same diamond would be worth about $18,000. On the other hand $75,000 invested in Ebay in 1998 would be worth $1,242,477 today.  Stock can be a pretty good investment too!

 I hope as you enter the “enternal” state of matrimony that you don’t dive in thinking of the engagement ring as an investment. Plan on the cash layout, (or credit in today’s world”, being an enternal investment of the dollars to give the one you love a token of your affection.  Don’t spend so much that it bomes a token of affliction in the future.  Marriages have enough financial struggle before you throw in a monthly bill to your local jewelry retailer, keep in within your budget.

 Within budget doesn’t mean something really cheap that you try to pass as real. Women will eventually find out you tried to pass off a knock off diamond.  They take this personally and assume that you don’t value them.  Do not fall into this trap down the road.  It is better to buy something real that is smaller than something cheap.

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