Save the date photo magnets better than e-mail….

August 19th, 2007 by admin

As you get in your twenties it seems your friends are getting engaged left and right.  It started to get hard for me to remember who was getting married when after the invitations piled up. I’m the type of guy you call the day be fore an event to remind me of it. Lucky for me my wife has smart friends.

My wife’s good friend Tamara actually used some save the date magnets that I thought seemed like a great idea for us “forgetful” men.  She was having a 28th birthday party and bought some save the date refrigerator magnets and mailed them out with her invitations.  Sadly, the magnet is on our refrigerator right now (her birthday was months ago, thus the word sadly).  It seems better long term to use a useful reminder gift than just a disposable one.

Anyone remember the story of David Barclay who flew out to Wales, Scotland for his buddies wedding one year early. This was big news back in July of 2007 and all of his buddies laughed histerically at his expense. If the bride and groom had sent a save the date magnet instead of an e-mail to their guests they could have avoided this embarrassing situation. 

E-mail is good but easily gets deleted or forgotten.  Inspite of all of the technology in the world I still visit my refrigerator daily (maybe to often) and reminders on my fridge still catch my attention.  Next time your having a wedding or other large event do us guys a favor and think about buying wedding magnets to remind us every time we visit the fridge.

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