Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively getting married?

May 24th, 2012 by beth16

They already bought a house together, have visited each other’s hometowns (Blake was in Vancouver with Ryan visiting his mom back on May 17th), and definitely seem to be seen in public often holding hands — it seems that Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are engaged and planning on getting married!

Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds are Engaged and getting Married

Due to some strong sources it seems that Blake and Ryan are “unofficially engaged” and setting up a future date for their marriage.

Rumors abound that Ryan’s mom is already talking grandkids and her desire for Blake and Ryan to raise their possible future kids near his hometown of Vancouver! Vancouver is far away from New York City where Black wants to stay. Will this new couple find a way to compromise to make it all workout? They have been dating since October of 2011 so it’s not surprising that marriage is a serious thought for them.

It seems the Green Lantern has worked well for both of them.  Do you think they are only together so they can create more gossip when the Green Lantern 2 is released? Oh wait, Green Lantern barely made more than it’s budget so I doubt there will be a sequel to that one.

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