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May 19th, 2012 by beth16

Just wanted to let everyone know we were finally able to upgrade our blog back end and rid it of the hackers that had infested the system with popups and bugs.  It should now be clear and we will start updating more often now that we can actually access the admin panel again.  Sorry for all of the problems.  Just wanted you to know we will be back up and running regularly again.


Some recent news of interest:

  • McFly’s Harry Judd is getting married to his long term girlfriend Izzy Johnson (after he promised a proposal last December)
  • Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt are engaged….What, it’s about time??

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Unique Ways to say “Will you Marry me?”

April 11th, 2012 by beth16

Large diamond rings are truly every woman’s dream especially when it is given on special occasions like engagement or wedding days. It can melt every woman’s heart not only for its aesthetic value but most importantly the essence of this wonderful gift.

 Choosing one that could satisfy the taste of the woman is sometimes hard because of their individual tastes in designs and color of the setting. Some prefer princess cut while others opt for emerald cut. You should also need to consider her preferences in carat size and the band that would hold the gem whether it is white gold, yellow gold or platinum.

If you are planning to formulate a surprise proposal, try to notice the preferences of your girlfriend’s jewelry. Here is an example of a unique way to ask “Will you marry me?” – Put the ring inside of her favorite flower and down on bended knee ask her to marry you like below:

Ways to say will you marry me

 Is she always on the silver, gold or on the platinum side? Or ask her best friend or sister regarding her personal preference as women do share passion about diamonds. The movies emphasized the proposal scenes wherein the guys bend their knees while holding an opened box with a shining, shimmering diamond that surely makes their girlfriend’s eyes sparkle with tears of joy. It is every woman’s dream indeed to have this kind of proposal. Therefore, engagement rings should be according to their liking. It should also be associated with your girl’s personality, so if she is the simple type then single cut diamond probably suits her than any loud designs that are often appreciated by posh girls.

The elegance of diamond lasts forever but most importantly it symbolizes a commitment of your journey towards marriage. May this precious gem serve not only as a precious display but also a living and sparkling evidence that your love is forever more precious than the stone itself.

What are some other unique ways you can pop the question?

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The Best Way To Design Your Own Marriage Band

March 9th, 2012 by beth16

To create and to design your own diamond marriage band for your most awaited and special day is indeed exciting. By causing your own ring, you know you are getting something that's faithfully your style and style that you will certainly like to wear every day for the rest of your life. Since diamonds are claimed to be a girl’s best pal, giving her the possibility and privilege to choose what her “best buddy” is going to look like will make her like it even more. Even though there aren't a lot of diamonds that most girls don't like, there's something fussy about getting to build your own ring.

To help in designing your diamond marriage band, we are providing you some pointers and directions in coming up for your own design.

First is that you've got to decide whether you'll go to a specific jewellery store to form your ring or you can choose to do the creation it online. Both decisions have their own advantages. To go to the store will give you the chance to see all of the stone cuts and lucidity before making a decision, while to procure online will very likely get you your ring more swiftly. In selecting between these selections, loose diamonds can be an option to put on to your ring.

Next step is that you choose a diamond cut. There are several options to pick, and it's all a substance of affection or preference. The cut of the ring characterizes the shape of the stone, and this may also establish what type of settings is accessible to you and whether you'll have to be in a position to add more stones.

Third tip is that you must select whether you would like more stones and what type of stones you need other than diamonds.

4th instruction is that you might decide on the type of group you would like. Do you wish for your gemstones laid in white gold, chrome steel, yellow gold or platinum? It has also be dependent on how constantly you use your hands, you might need something better than gold to hold your stones in.

Finally, you should go for your setting. This can by this point be limited for you thanks to the number of stones or the shape you have selected. It will always be up to you and your better half about what design you wanted for your own wedding band.

Israel diamonds is an expert in custom jewelry and quality diamond & gemstone jewelry.

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Facts You Ought To Know About Engagement Rings!

March 9th, 2012 by beth16

If you’re looking for diamonds or engagement rings then you have to look no further. With exceptional quality diamonds for you to choose from diamondsonweb will not let you down. Diamonds last forever. So if you are planning to propose to the woman you love, the absolute beauty of the diamond engagement ring says it all. This means choosing the perfect ring is not only essential but mandatory.

Diamond quality is something not many people are educated on. It’s rare beauty is seen through its lucidity and remarkable luster. Diamonds are naturally clear and transparent, unless some impurities are present. These impurities, however are what causing diamonds to have different sparkling colors. When coming here and browsing the beautiful engagement rings you will not only be greeted with stunning clarity and cuts, but amazing prices. Having only $1,200 to spend on that perfect ring is not a problem, as there is a price range you can choose from. When browsing, just key in $0-1,200 and you will be surprised with the array of beautiful choices that awaits you. 

Loose diamonds here are not a problem as they are bought directly from the source. This means that there is no middle man, and they have amazing prices. Loose diamonds come in 10 different stunning cuts that will allow you to choose and build a unique and perfect engagement ring out from it. Engagement rings are just so special that men will have to spend so much time looking for the right jewelry piece to present when they propose.

Different people have different quality rings in mind, this means that each store in a mall might not have a huge variety and simply specializes in emerald cuts, or princess cuts. Focusing on pushing sales and not really caring much about what each person needs for their special someone.. When finding your diamond here there are no sales associates trying to push the wrong style of ring, that is way overpriced. Not only is the buyer the salesman, but financing is available through diamondsonweb. 

This means if funds are not available to purchase that special ring outright, you don’t have to worry. Most retailers don’t even offer this option anymore for people who might not have the funds available to purchase high quality engagement rings. Authentic top class diamonds are rare to find. When you have one to give on that special day, you will not only stun your girlfriend but everyone around you.

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A Men’s Guide: What You Need To Know About Engagement Rings

February 20th, 2012 by beth16

The only thing that can make a man more nervous than his wedding day is the thought of pouring over engagement rings in search of just the right one. A lot of women spend hours going through prescriptions in magazines and in jewellery stores. A lot of women dream about their wedding day and what the proposal would be like.


No pressure, gentlemen. It is not difficult to find a perfect ring to use on your engagement day. Here is all you need to pick the best ring.


Engagement Rings- It Is An Investment


Engagement rings are intended to be worn forever. It is therefore an investment and not just another item purchase. Do you have to take out a loan? Not at all. You can rather save up a three month salary for it. Though this may not seem realistic for you. You have to consider your budget and the payment. You may spoil the early days you will be living together if you put your hands beyond your financial limits.


Diamond Engagement Rings- Put Her Style To Consideration


As your partner is looking up to that day, you can spoil her day if you don’t give her a ring she is expecting. Take note of her reactions when she passes by a jewellery store or when she sees a ring on another person’s finger. If you can’t make anything from this ask her yourself. If you don’t want to make the proposal a surprise, you can get all you need over time. Here are some things to consider:


  • The colour of the setting: You can get diamond engagement rings in white gold, yellow gold or platinum. Even when platinum might have the look of a white gold, it is more valuable. You can generally find out the colour of gold she prefers just by noticing her current jewellery.


  • The style of engagement ring: Engagement rings are available in the traditional solitaire diamond setting, which is one diamond generally set on a thin band. You can also get engagement rings in other settings. Is she more traditional and classic in her taste? If so, a single, elegant stone may be the perfect engagement ring for her. On the other hand, if she is more on the artsy side, she may be dreaming of a ring that has a bit more going on. If she likes the artsy items, get her a solitaire stone set among a row or two of complimentary diamonds.


  • The cut: The centre stone is the interesting part of any engagement ring. The common cuts of an engagement ring are the round, marquis cut, square and oval. Depending on the setting, different cuts of the centre stone diamond can help create a particular look. With a marquis cut diamond, you can create elegant look but with a square cut you will get a loyal look.  A uniformly cut round diamond engagement ring may be the best choice for you.


  • Quality: Diamond rings are popular for their quality. Of course you will come across many diamond grades and levels, but you need to remember this: If you are able to select a perfect, clear, brilliant and a sparkling diamond ring when making a purchase, know that it will remain like that for years to come. The key is to find the matching cut and setting. After you have the engagement ring selected you can spend some time learning about grades of diamonds.



We hope this information has been helpful as you take that first step towards the ‘big day’ by selecting the engagement ring that is perfect for her. Perfect engagement rings

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