Man sues to get back $67K engagement ring

August 21st, 2007 by admin

Before I even begin telling this story I want to explain one thing.  Getting engaged 1 month after dating someone seems a little desperate.  Buying an engagement ring that’s over $10,000 for this special someone of a few weeks seems like a bribe.  I believe the lady decided being with this guy was not worth keeping a $67,000 diamond ring.

I saw a news story highlighting this poor man’s dilemma in Florida just this morning. This guy in Palm Beach County has a right to sue her since she kept the ring.  He at least waited to sue her longer than he actually knew her (a whopping 2 months). Remember, if their no longer is a marriage planned than the ring should be returned.

Robert Mannino should have seen it coming when he first saw the legal name of his fiance (Elfriede Welch). Her name seems like “Lord of the Rings” meets “Pirates of the Caribbean”. Though Elfriede Welch’s name actually means “informal elf strength”.  I sense that this woman was stubborn, short, and strong. Ironically Robert means “bright fame”, so Robert’s now famous for his bright move in a failed engagement.

What happens if Elfrieda has already sold the engagement ring on ebay for $5,000 and spent it?  In this case Robert will end up spending quite a bit of money and Elfrieda may make a run back to Germany to get away from this debt.  I have a feeling that Robert will not get the $67k or the engagement ring back.

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