Man sues over $35K engagement ring after waiting 2 years

September 27th, 2007 by admin

He waiteded for her to return it for 2 years. I think he’s been patient enough.

A Grosse Pointe Park man in Michigan filed a lawsuit in Macomb Circuit Court on September 15th seeking to stop his ex-fiancee from selling the $35,000 engagement ring he gave her in 2001.  (I wonder if she realizes she will probably only get about $15,000 for it….. these things don’t resell to consumers very well….)

Paul Stroup filed the suit against Catherine Ann Metry asking that she return the ring; and if she has sold it, to pay restitution to him in excess of $40,000. The couple terminated the engagement in 2005. A show cause hearing is set for Oct. 9 before Circuit Court Judge Diane Druzinski.

 I’m suer the Judge is looking forward to something light hearted like this since he’s been working on the Stephen Grant murder trial. You can read about this trial here.

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