High school prom proposals?

April 15th, 1995 by admin

I actually proposed to my wife at her sophomore prom. Most schools have junior senior proms, so did ours BUT she was able to smuggle tickets when I was a freshman at college.  I will tell the long story in another writing BUT I would not recommend proposing before, during, or after a high school prom.  It worked out for my wife and I but a number of other classmates that decided to pull this off are now divorced.

Most high school students are not enough mature enough to know what they are getting into.  We were committed to each other and mature enough to make it through the storms your marriage will hit in the first few years BUT most are not willing to fight for their marriage when they are young.  They think it will be easy to find a “better” model that will not have the flaws of the first one.

Rule #1 – All marriages will have problems.  Be prepared to grow through the struggles or they will slowly tear you apart.  Happily ever after comes though hard work and patience.


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