Engagement goes wrong when ring flys off of Brooklyn Bridge in NYC

April 13th, 2009 by beth16

Engagement ring falls off of Brooklyn BridgeWill you marry me – even if I’m a klutz?

A non-coordianted man dropped his diamond engagement ring while attempting to propose to his girlfriend on the Brooklyn Bridge in NYC, then braved moving traffic to retrieve the roadkill from the road below.

“I don’t know what was going through my head,” said Don Walling, 29, of Coram, L.I., a teacher at Intermediate School 88 in Brooklyn. “Everything was exactly how I wanted, except for the whole ring thing.”

Motorists slid to avoid him, and motorists who misunderstood the situation yelled at him not to jump into the East River as he climbed down from the pedestrian walkway.  With the economy as it is, more people have committed suicide from the bridge than in past years.

Police Officers traffic, and Walling got back the platinum 1.6-carat diamond engagement ring, which was run over and lightly damaged by a vehicle.

Gina Pellicani, 28, said yes inspite of everything – not once but twice.

“It wasn’t a good thing in hindsight, but it was a happy ending,” said Pellicani, who teaches third grade at East Northport. Miss Pellicani has been an asset to East Northport with her involvement in the HUGS program & pushing for recycling in her school.

The unforgettable proposal storybook tale unfolded after Walling used the pretext of a birthday dinner last week to persuade his girlfriend of four years to walk across the bridge with him and relatives.

Halfway across the majestic span, Walling dropped to one knee and pulled out the ring.

“Could you give me the greatest birthday gift ever and let me love you for the rest of my life?” he asked.

“Would she or wouldn’t she” quickly turned to “whoops” as the ring slipped out of his hand. (He was nervous I’m sure)

It could have dropped into the East River, but instead landed on the roadway, traffic whizzing by.

Walling sprang into action, running about 60 feet, then hopping on a railing to clamber down to the road, where he caught a glimpse of the ring.

“I need to get this ring – that was my mission,” he explained. “I said, ‘I’m sorry, I love you, but I’m going to get this.’”

Pellicani thought he was planning to run back to the bridge entrance and was stunned to see him shimmy down.

Pedestrians spotted him and yelled at him not to take his own life. “I didn’t know he was going to go over the side,” Pellicani said. “I hear a whole commotion, like, ‘Is that guy jumping?’”

A police van that keeps watch for suicides and suspicious activity on the span rolled up and stopped traffic so Walling could retrieve the ring.

The keepsake was a bit bent, but the diamonds were still in place. It’s being repaired by a jewelry repair shop.

Walling got back up to the walkway and, just for good measure, asked his fiancée if she still wanted to tie the knot.

The answer was still yes, and the couple plans to wed 04/24/2010. “It’s not about the ring,” Walling said. “I just wanted this day to be special.”  Thanks to all of the news & blog converage, it is definately special.  Below is a video of a guy doing it correctly:

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