Unique Ways to say “Will you Marry me?”

April 11th, 2012 by beth16

Large diamond rings are truly every woman’s dream especially when it is given on special occasions like engagement or wedding days. It can melt every woman’s heart not only for its aesthetic value but most importantly the essence of this wonderful gift.

 Choosing one that could satisfy the taste of the woman is sometimes hard because of their individual tastes in designs and color of the setting. Some prefer princess cut while others opt for emerald cut. You should also need to consider her preferences in carat size and the band that would hold the gem whether it is white gold, yellow gold or platinum.

If you are planning to formulate a surprise proposal, try to notice the preferences of your girlfriend’s jewelry. Here is an example of a unique way to ask “Will you marry me?” – Put the ring inside of her favorite flower and down on bended knee ask her to marry you like below:

Ways to say will you marry me

 Is she always on the silver, gold or on the platinum side? Or ask her best friend or sister regarding her personal preference as women do share passion about diamonds. The movies emphasized the proposal scenes wherein the guys bend their knees while holding an opened box with a shining, shimmering diamond that surely makes their girlfriend’s eyes sparkle with tears of joy. It is every woman’s dream indeed to have this kind of proposal. Therefore, engagement rings should be according to their liking. It should also be associated with your girl’s personality, so if she is the simple type then single cut diamond probably suits her than any loud designs that are often appreciated by posh girls.

The elegance of diamond lasts forever but most importantly it symbolizes a commitment of your journey towards marriage. May this precious gem serve not only as a precious display but also a living and sparkling evidence that your love is forever more precious than the stone itself.

What are some other unique ways you can pop the question?

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Working it out

December 19th, 2011 by beth16

Written by Fermin Washington

I recently started my own company and what should be a good time for us has turned into a really stressful one. My wife is amazing but there are so many times when I wish she would just chill out instead of getting on my case. I spend a lot of time now thinking and talking about the business and doing things like looking into Business Electric Rates but that’s just because I have to – this is our life for the next few years. I think she’s just feeling a bit neglected but I can’t feel bad every time I have to work late and she needs to just chill out when it comes to how much grief she gives me. She’s most upset that I have to work weekends a lot now but I keep trying to tell her this is all part of being a successful small business owner. I know there are no excuses for a lot of things but she needs to deal better with this.

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