Which Finger Should I Put The Engagement Ring?

February 20th, 2012 by beth16

A lot of people get confused at the right finger to put their diamond engagement ring on when proposing to the girl of their dreams. If you don’t want to create scene on this day, you’d better get to know the right finger as you will be the person to put it on her hand.


Most people don’t value engagement rings like they do wedding rings. It means a lot to the couple as it marks a big day in the history of their relationship. This ring signifies that the woman is engaged to get married with a man.


Before, promise rings are used to affirm the possibility of a future together. Hence the engagement ring is meant to replace the promise ring thus sealing the promise they made to each other. It is therefore a betrothal gift to the woman which speaks louder to the entire world that this person is now in a commitment with someone. Having made that point, which hand and finger do you think that engagement rings should go on?.


Engagement Rings-Which Hand And Finger?

Many people believe different things as to where the engagement ring should be put on. A lot of traditions support the fourth finger of the left hand. They believe that this finger is the veina amoris which stands for “vein of love”.


Some countries have negative believes about the left hand and they never put any positive thing on it. On the contrary, their engagement rings are put on the right hand. Left in Latin is “sinistra” which is “sinister in English and the word “dexterity” is “dexter” in Latin which are both negative words.


There are several believes that people of different traditional backgrounds observe when engaging to their dream girl. Couples observing the Jewish tradition place their rings on the right hand and move it to the left after their marriage.

Perfect Engagement Rings- So Where Is The Right Place?

Commonly, the engagement ring goes on the left hand. Hence if you want to look beyond the traditional engagement and wedding ring arrangements practiced within your horizon or doctrine, the fourth finger of the left hand is the perfect position. You may have to consult your girl especially if she is from a different traditional background. It is better to ask her, instead of creating a scene in your engagement party. More tips on engagement rings


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A Men’s Guide: What You Need To Know About Engagement Rings

February 20th, 2012 by beth16

The only thing that can make a man more nervous than his wedding day is the thought of pouring over engagement rings in search of just the right one. A lot of women spend hours going through prescriptions in magazines and in jewellery stores. A lot of women dream about their wedding day and what the proposal would be like.


No pressure, gentlemen. It is not difficult to find a perfect ring to use on your engagement day. Here is all you need to pick the best ring.


Engagement Rings- It Is An Investment


Engagement rings are intended to be worn forever. It is therefore an investment and not just another item purchase. Do you have to take out a loan? Not at all. You can rather save up a three month salary for it. Though this may not seem realistic for you. You have to consider your budget and the payment. You may spoil the early days you will be living together if you put your hands beyond your financial limits.


Diamond Engagement Rings- Put Her Style To Consideration


As your partner is looking up to that day, you can spoil her day if you don’t give her a ring she is expecting. Take note of her reactions when she passes by a jewellery store or when she sees a ring on another person’s finger. If you can’t make anything from this ask her yourself. If you don’t want to make the proposal a surprise, you can get all you need over time. Here are some things to consider:


  • The colour of the setting: You can get diamond engagement rings in white gold, yellow gold or platinum. Even when platinum might have the look of a white gold, it is more valuable. You can generally find out the colour of gold she prefers just by noticing her current jewellery.


  • The style of engagement ring: Engagement rings are available in the traditional solitaire diamond setting, which is one diamond generally set on a thin band. You can also get engagement rings in other settings. Is she more traditional and classic in her taste? If so, a single, elegant stone may be the perfect engagement ring for her. On the other hand, if she is more on the artsy side, she may be dreaming of a ring that has a bit more going on. If she likes the artsy items, get her a solitaire stone set among a row or two of complimentary diamonds.


  • The cut: The centre stone is the interesting part of any engagement ring. The common cuts of an engagement ring are the round, marquis cut, square and oval. Depending on the setting, different cuts of the centre stone diamond can help create a particular look. With a marquis cut diamond, you can create elegant look but with a square cut you will get a loyal look.  A uniformly cut round diamond engagement ring may be the best choice for you.


  • Quality: Diamond rings are popular for their quality. Of course you will come across many diamond grades and levels, but you need to remember this: If you are able to select a perfect, clear, brilliant and a sparkling diamond ring when making a purchase, know that it will remain like that for years to come. The key is to find the matching cut and setting. After you have the engagement ring selected you can spend some time learning about grades of diamonds.



We hope this information has been helpful as you take that first step towards the ‘big day’ by selecting the engagement ring that is perfect for her. Perfect engagement rings

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Will You Be Puzzled By What Wedding Bra You Will Need?

July 28th, 2011 by beth16

Will you be puzzled by what bra you will need for your wedding? Are you needing an Underwire for support? What is a wireless, strapless bra?

Some wedding bras designed for brides have larger cups than regular bras. They’re done this way because the idea is to help shape the bodice of the dress and make everything appear smoother. Often they have no pattern and are fairly shapeless except being very smooth. Some of them are meant to push up the breasts a little bit to add cleavage, but in general their purpose is form.The reasons for a few common ailments like backache, strains and poor posture, may be associated with simply choosing the wrong sort of bra. Having a short amount of time to find out what the different types of bra are for and deciding on the best one, don’t appear to be your sitting a health check.

Wedding Gown Bras

A lot of sorts of Bras have been produced since their first appearance. Thanks to many research and modern manufacturing techniques, women don’t ought to find it difficult to fit their upper body and chest into oxygen restricting contraptions anymore.

Almost all of today’s wedding bras are constructed with lavish fabrics, meant to support, uplift and enhance your breasts (We all want this right?).

Look out of, specialty bras, wireless, underwired, nursing, maternity bras, sports bras and in some cases strapless and backless bras are simply just several of the types available. There is a bra on hand to suit any bust size.

Imagine going for a run down the aisle without one?
A period when a bra can establish indispensable is during and after pregnancy as well as use during sport. Sports bra’s that supply a whole lot needed support during heavy exercise are appreciated largely by women with larger chests.

How easy could it be now to give your child while you are out and about?
Expectant women gain access to nursing and maternity bras, which makes breastfeeding on the run a piece of cake. Innovative designs allow discreet feeding and provides comfy support when ever a ladies breast Size can change or alter in a time length of weeks or months.

Some girls have a preference for underwire bras simply because they believe they provide the very best support. However, for other women underwire bras may be uncomfortable. Because of the manufacturers there’s a variety of Wireless bras which are both gratifying and supportive as his or her wired counterparts. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Mystery And Wonder Of Her Engagement Day

July 5th, 2011 by beth16

Aside from the wedding day, one of the most anticipated days in a woman’s life is the engagement day, a single day she would agree to give her life to the man she would like to spend the rest of her days with. And if you are a guy who does not want to take chances and also who wants to make certain that the lady of your dreams experiences absolutely no less than the best, then you have to see to it that the marriage proposal is ideal. While scouring the shops for the very best engagement rings, ensure that you have planned for the various other things you would need so your lady would have absolutely nothing to say but “yes” once you ask the question.

There are actually things which might not necessarily come as a big surprise any longer to your girl friend but which still sparks a special feeling when done. Romantic as ever is kneeling down in front of the girlfriend while gently opening up the box in order to display the engagement ring, that could express your intention even before you speak. But before you ultimately arrive at this particular moment in time, assess whether or not this is actually the proper time. Has your sweetheart been clear regarding her readiness to enter wedlock? Do not forget that marriage is definitely a mutual decision. So make sure you test the waters before making the proposal. The ideal timing is essential.

And though it is advisable you are sure that this is actually the correct time, you should be very careful still not to spoil the mystery and wonder of the moment. Consequently make certain your proposal is a surprise. Regardless of how ecstatic you are about the austin engagement ring you purchased for your fiance, do not let her learn about it until that very minute that you will ask her. Your girlfriend must not miss that amazing feeling of being amazed at her groom-to-be. Every girl would sure love that.

When all things have been said and done, only the engagement ring plus the memories will always be enduring. For this reason, as you browse among the myriad of austin engagement rings, your inspiration needs to be the girl you will offer it to and the lifetime you will be spending together. Find that piece you know will last forever.

“Will you marry me?” A question that is probably easier to answer than to ask. However, if you are genuinely in love and you also desire to make things work flawlessly for that lady you want to marry, then you definitely hold the key. Be sure you know when the proper time is. But make sure you remember that surprise is a crucial element in marriage proposal as well. And also to make it easier for your woman to say “yes” to you, offer her the diamond engagement ring that will speak for the best message of affection, a love that will last forever.

This was written by Wesley Mathews whom is a precious stone connoisseur and past attorney. He has been one of the most widely recognized austin jewelers because of the intellectual consultation he gives clients.

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Moissanite Rings – For Engagement Ring

July 5th, 2011 by beth16

Moissanite adherents swear that its sparkle outclasses diamonds by a mile along with a half. The fact that it has no pure flaws also stands in its favor. Wearing a moissanite ring can be a certain attention grabber and conversation launcher. The stones are more well-liked than the previous favorite, cubic zirconium, for engagement, wedding and anniversary rings.

Particular class of purists object that moissanite, regardless of how admirable its properties, cannot match the sentimental value of a diamond on occasions of the heart. This might have something to do with the reality that it costs much less. Also, lots of people still see moissanite as “fake diamond” – a pretty unjustifiable definition. Moissanite can be a exceptional mineral and is not meant to replace any other stones.

Really, a lot of the present bias against moissanite rings for sentimental/relationship occasions has far more to do with productive advertising hype in opposition to them than anything else. Moissanite can be a valid jewelry medium, calculated in carats and worthy of being set in precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum.

Moissanite Rings As Engagement RIng

Furthermore, diamonds are regarded as appropriate for engagement, wedding and anniversary rings simply because they’re “forever”. The “eternal” factor stems from the virtually indestructible nature of diamonds.

One of essentially the most lovely moissanite engagement rings is the white gold setting having a canary diamond. The canary diamond is really a yellow shade and is one of the rarest of the moissanite engagement rings. Now, one issue men type of side step when proposing to their lovely lady will be the strategy. A guy has to have a plan when proposing. You type of desire to go along with the type of ring you purchase, along with the ring has to go along with the personality of the women you choose to marry. It’s really all 1 huge circle for those who ask me. For instance. if your girls is down to earth, and fairly straightforward, then a easy diamond on a uncomplicated band is all which you need to have.Moreover, diamonds are thought appropriate for engagement, wedding and anniversary rings because they are “forever”. The “eternal” factor stems from the virtually indestructible nature of diamonds.

The most amazing moissanite engagement rings is the white gold setting which has a canary diamond. The canary diamond is a yellow shade and is one of the rarest of the moissanite engagement rings. Now, a very important factor men kind of side step when proposing to their lovely lady is the plan. A man should have plans when proposing. You kind of want to go with the type of ring you purchase, and the ring has to go along with the personality of the women you choose to marry. It is really all one big circle if you ask me. For instance. if your women is down to earth, and quite simple, then a simple diamond on a simple band is all which you require.

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