Funny nudist engagement story

May 16th, 2007 by admin

Funny nudist engagement storyScott and I had been together for nine years when we booked to go on holiday to Skiathos in Greece. I had just presumed it was going to be a usual two week break. However, Scott had other plans.

We decided that it would be fun to hire a boat for the day but due to the weather and the rough sea this plan was thwarted for three days running. Scott seemed to be really disappointed about the setback and I coundn’t undserstand why. Anyway, we eventually managed to hire a boat and went out on the open seas. We were having a really good laugh until it started raining. As I can’t swim I began to get a bit scared so I asked if we could find a beach. John insisted that we find an empty one and when we did, we moored up.

On the beach, the rain stopped and the sun began to break through the clouds. We laid out our towels, although I was still wrapped up in mine as the rain and wind on the sea had been freezing. Suddenly, Scott began to kneel but then laid on his side and said: “While the sun has peeked out, will you marry me?” Completely shocked, all I could say was: “What, are you joking?” while laughing hysterically. 

Scott clearly wasn’t joking and asked me if that meant yes, to which I replied yes. Then he pulled out a little box with a white gold diamond and teal ring. At this point, my emotions took over and I started to cry – as did Scott.

The ring fit perfectly and we laid on the towel cuddling, only to be interrupted by some splashing. Looking up, we saw a naked swimmer in the sea. He was then joined by another couple of men and we realized that we were not on our own secluded beach but on the corner of a nudist beach. This could have ruined our perfect moment but instead we sat there laughing.

I rang my mum and dad and found out that Scott had rang my dad before the holiday to ask his permission. I don’t know who was crying more – me or them.

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