Comparing And Becoming More Knowledgeable About The EGL And GIA Diamond Certificates

January 7th, 2013 by beth16

When you're preparing to sell loose diamonds to a diamond consumer, understanding how diamonds are certified is exceedingly important. Every diamond must be certificated to determine its true worth and a certified diamond can bring you way higher sums when you're ready to sell. There are two popular diamond grading labs today: the EGL and GIA. The GIA is thought of as the gold standard is is the most widely used certificate agency on the planet. Here’s a glance at these two labs, the info they provide and how their certification helps you sell loose diamonds for the most money possible.

GIA Certification

The Gemological Institute of America, or GIA, is the most commonly recognized and respected gem grading lab internationally. Most folks use them prior to selling loose diamonds due to the fact they give normal measurements for the cut, color, carat size and clarity of diamonds they grade.

A diamond certificate from GIA will also include plenty of other info about your diamond, for example internal inclusions, external failings and a geometric map of the diamond. Because different jewelers will reach different conclusions when examining your individual diamond, a certificate from GIA will supply the standard that will help you get the the most acceptable price when you sell diamonds.

EGL Certificates

The Western european Gemological Laboratory, or EGL, began in the 1970′s to contest with GIA. EGL licenses provide a lot of the same information as a GIA documentation and help decide a diamond’s characteristics, genuineness and worth. The EGL doesn't use the well known 4 C’s and instead grades diamonds based primarily on other characteristics, including: shape, proportions, weight, finish, colour grade and clarity grade.

While an EGL certificate can help you sell diamonds for a heftier price, the GIA remains the gold standard and preferred among diamond customers around the planet. To be safe and make sure the true price of your diamond, have your diamonds guaranteed by the Gemological Institute of America.

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