Can you afford not to protect your credit after the engagement?

June 4th, 2008 by admin

life lockEver heard of people getting their ID stolen and not discovering it until they get bills in the mail or strange phone calls from collectors.  After having a good friend of mine getting his id stolen from the TJ Maxx scandal I heard about lifelock.  This is the same service as that commercial I’ve seen with the guy driving around with his social security number on the side of a delivery truck.

Trust me, marriage is complicated enough without having to worry about reparing your credit from an identity thief.  Is Life Lock’s service cheap at $120 a year….. no.  But having the peace of mind of knowing your credit will never get screwed up except by your own hands is priceless.  We have enough things on our mind to have to worry with lawyers trying to repair our credit.  I would highly recommend this for anyone with a credit card.  It sure gives me peace of mind.

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